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On the table within 3 minutes

The mussels are prepared in a fresh sauce that has been specially developed to further enrich the taste of the mussels. We have carefully selected the mussels and they therefore no longer need to be cleaned. They can go straight from the package into the pan or microwave for three minutes. This way you can enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal with family and friends in no time. Whether you have already cooked mussels a hundred times or you are doing it for the first time, with these mussels everyone succeeds. They are great with pasta, bread or rice, and the mussels are also very suitable as tapas, finger food, lunch or for an aperitif.

Curious how our mussels are grown and harvested?

Together with the Holmyard family, we grow sustainable and organic mussels on our self-sufficient PREMIER OFFSHORE Seafarm. Because the mussels are grown far from the coast and grow close to the water surface, they receive a lot of nutrition and sunlight. This way they quickly grow into large, full mussels.
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