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gepocheerde kreeft

Chef Rens’s poached lobster

Chef Rens developed a 3 course Holiday Menu. With this poached lobster as a main course you will blow away your family and friends. The lobster dish is beautiful, and comforting. The tomatoes give some freshness to balance out the rich vanilla sauce. Poaching the lobster makes it extra tasty!
ceviche van scheermessen chef rens

Chef Rens’s razor clam ceviche

Chef Rens developed a three-course menu for the holidays, with the second course in this trilogy being a ceviche of razor clams. The razor clams serve as a refreshing intermediate course, a sort of palate cleanser. The acidity of the lime gently cooks the raw razor clams, giving them a beautiful texture. It's a fresh dish with a nice bite.

Chef rens’s roasted La Zélandaise oyster with kiwi

Chef Rens developed a 3-course menu for the holidays. As the first in the trilogy, this roasted La Zélandaise is the perfect appetizer. Surprising and refined: roasted La Zélandaise oyster with kiwi gel, smoked vinaigrette, and wasabi crunch. This flavor explosion combines the briny oyster with kiwi and smoked flavors. Chef Rens explains step by step how to impress your guests with this unique dish!
oester met avocado

Oyster with avocado and basil

The soft avocado basil cream lets the briny oyster shine!

Aguachile with oyster

Aguachile resembles tiger's milk but is slightly different. The concept is similar, with the fish cooking in the aguachile. To avoid overpowering the dish, we used less aguachile. The oyster remains uncooked and is eaten raw!
mosselen ceviche

Mussel ceviche

Ceviche made with mussels can sometimes be a lot of work, but with our ready-to-eat Avignon mussels, since the shells are already open, you can add the tiger's milk right away! The wild garlic and oil make the tiger's milk slightly milder. A super tasty and quick snack!
Mosselen met roquefort saus

Mussels with Roquefort sauce

Roquefort is often referred to as the king of blue cheeses. The sharp flavor of Roquefort is softened by the briny mussels. Mussels with Roquefort sauce is a classic French dish, and it remains a delight no matter how often you enjoy it!
pasta mosselen romige saus

Pasta with mussels in creamy sauce

Rens’ Danish rope culture mussels

deense hangcultuurmosselen

Danish-style mussels

oosterscheldekreeft risotto

Risotto with Oosterschelde lobster

Chinese periwinkles


gebrande oysri van rens

Rens’ roasted Oysrí oyster with oyster cream

Priya’s quick risotto with mussels

mosselen met appel en calvados

Mussels with apple and calvados in a jar

Razors Avignon

oesters guinness granita

Oysters Guinness Granita

gebakken oesters

baked oysters

oosterse oester

Eastern oysters

Mussels tempura

Give your leftover clams a facelift!
gekookte mosselen

Cooked mussels


Autumn oyster

Creating warmth on bleak days: that's what you do with this appetiser

Mussels with Spanish chorizo

A summer comfort dish with chorizo, lime and coriander

Linguine with creamy lemon lobster sauce

A nice creamy sauce, a lobster and pasta. A recipe for every season, nice outside in the sun or inside on the couch under a blanket.

Razor blades with iberico ham

Deliciously salty yet deliciously fresh. This recipe can be eaten as a starter or a main course. Depending on how much of it you want to share!

Napoli with ‘nduja

A nice spicy pasta on the table within 7 minutes!

Linguine a la vongole

Bring the holiday home with this Italian classic

Razor clams from the grill

Fresh razor clams from the grill in Greek style
no-waste kreeftensoep

Lobster soup

Gekookte kreeft

Cooked lobster

Exact cooking times for different sizes of lobsters

Lobster Rolls

The classic New England Lobster Roll by @mrs_seafood

Grilled lobster with butter sauce

witte venusschelpen met citroen

White venus clams with lemon

Mussels au gratin

Let's go comfort food!

Spicy mussels

Not the classic mussel pan
oesters broodkruim

Oysters with breadcrumbs

premier paella

Premier Paella

African curry with mussels

Imagine yourself in an African atmosphere with this delicious African curry with mussels.
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