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In our family everything revolves around the sea. This is our source. This is where our delicious and nutritious shellfish are grown and harvested. Our great-grandfather Pieter Verwijs started farming oysters in 1880. Since we can remember, we have lived with and from the sea. We are proud to continue his legacy with Premier. Every day, we ensure that our customers around the world can enjoy a full range of fresh Premier shellfish and sea vegetables. From tasty mussels, types of shell, cockles and crustaceans to the most premium oysters on the market. We select only the very best! Due to our active role in the entire production chain from source to fork, we are able to maintain our excellent quality and supply the freshest products. Our innovation team continuously provides the market with new and inspiring opportunities. We make no concessions at the expense of the environment. We want to leave the sea better and healthier for future generations.

Our seafarmers are located all over the world. We see them as part of the family and know them personally. Together we believe in the same sustainable future that the sea can offer and we are on our way to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum. Our Premier products are sustainable in their own right and naturally help filter the sea. In the areas where we sow and harvest our products, we see the ecosystems blooming again. We encourage new and existing customers to confidently explore innovative ways to prepare our shellfish and experience their own Premier Moments, all year round. This way everyone, of all ages, can enjoy the delights of our sea.


With a growing world population, there is also an increasing demand for food. Preferably as sustainable as possible. If you ask us, shellfish and sea vegetables are the perfect solution for this. Why? During the cultivation of mussels, there are far fewer environmentally harmful factors involved than with meat breeding. This is because no fresh drinking water, food and fertilizers are needed, nor is there any question of using medicines such as antibiotics. This applies to all crustaceans and shellfish and sea vegetables and algae. In addition, it is also very healthy. It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. There are no harmful fats in it and it contains few calories. The Oosterschelde nature reserve is our ‘back garden’ and the many beautiful seas are the fertile ground for our wonderful products. We ensure that we, but also the growers we work with, apply the most sustainable possible cultivation, harvesting and processing process for all our products. In our processing center we apply sustainable processes, supported by solar panels, and we also purchase wind energy that we use to run our factories. We use a circular production process in which the residual products of the processing process go back into the sea. Think of empty shells, crabs and seaweed, which in turn serve as food for other water inhabitants. A sustainable way of working, the only way for us!

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