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ceviche van scheermessen chef rens

Chef Rens’s razor clam ceviche

Chef Rens developed a three-course menu for the holidays, with the second course in this trilogy being a ceviche of razor clams. The razor clams serve as a refreshing intermediate course, a sort of palate cleanser. The acidity of the lime gently cooks the raw razor clams, giving them a beautiful texture. It's a fresh dish with a nice bite.

Chinese periwinkles


Razors Avignon

Linguine with creamy lemon lobster sauce

A nice creamy sauce, a lobster and pasta. A recipe for every season, nice outside in the sun or inside on the couch under a blanket.

Razor blades with iberico ham

Deliciously salty yet deliciously fresh. This recipe can be eaten as a starter or a main course. Depending on how much of it you want to share!

Linguine a la vongole

Bring the holiday home with this Italian classic

Razor clams from the grill

Fresh razor clams from the grill in Greek style
witte venusschelpen met citroen

White venus clams with lemon

premier paella

Premier Paella

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