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mosselen ceviche

Mussel ceviche

Ceviche made with mussels can sometimes be a lot of work, but with our ready-to-eat Avignon mussels, since the shells are already open, you can add the tiger's milk right away! The wild garlic and oil make the tiger's milk slightly milder. A super tasty and quick snack!
Mosselen met roquefort saus

Mussels with Roquefort sauce

Roquefort is often referred to as the king of blue cheeses. The sharp flavor of Roquefort is softened by the briny mussels. Mussels with Roquefort sauce is a classic French dish, and it remains a delight no matter how often you enjoy it!
pasta mosselen romige saus

Pasta with mussels in creamy sauce

Rens’ Danish rope culture mussels

deense hangcultuurmosselen

Danish-style mussels

mosselen met appel en calvados

Mussels with apple and calvados in a jar

Mussels tempura

Give your leftover clams a facelift!
gekookte mosselen

Cooked mussels

Mussels with Spanish chorizo

A summer comfort dish with chorizo, lime and coriander

Mussels au gratin

Let's go comfort food!
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